Skynet v1.4.1 is Up – System Specs and Stories

Ok, so the final build of Skynet (codename: The Terminator) is up and running. The final system specs are:

AMD Phenom II 1055T Thuban X6 Processor
MSI 890FXA-GD70 Motherboard
SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6950 Graphics Card
16Gb (4x4Gb) G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 1333 RAM
Rosewill 74-in-1 Card Reader with 3 extra USB 2.0 ports
LG WH10LS30 10X Blu-ray Burner
Seagate Barracuda XT ST32000641AS SATA 6gb/s (2 x 2tb, total of 4tb)

All ran via HDMI to my 32″ Plasma TV.

Thus far, the only thing I don’t like (now that I’ve figured out some .dll file issues, which I’ll explain below) is that the Motherboard’s RAID controller as well as it’s built-in Overclocking features…well…they just don’t work. I wanted to run the two hard drives in a RAID 0 array to increase the transfer rate, but it’s a no go. Oh well, I’m sure 6Gb/s transfer rate is enough. 😀

Now, the reason this is v1.4.1 is…well…I’ve had to do 4 Windows Installations to finally manage to get this one .dll file to stop crashing everything. Turns out, it was a part of my security suite that was causing all the mayhem. The culprit was actually a program called ThreatFire which, for some unknown reason, is just not compatible with my system. After the 4th reinstall of Windows, I decided to start eliminating possible apps that could be causing all my stuff to crash. Luckily, I got it right on the first try. Something about the way ThreatFire works was essentially hogging all the resources of ntdll.dll, which is a core system file for Windows. Took about 4 days to figure all this out, but seeing as I spent about $1,721 on this computer, it was well worth it.

This thing scoffs at Crysis. I’m set to Ultra High (the maximum setting) on everything, and the frame rate was amazing (I don’t have an exact number yet, still trying to get the tools together for that). Fallout: New Vegas saw similar outcomes (all maxed out, not even a hiccup). Even the load times were non-existant. Fallout actually loaded faster than it would on the Xbox 360 or PS3. I would love to report on how it handles Final Fantasy XIV, but at the time of this writing FF14 can’t connect to the update servers for some reason.

So there you have it, my new computer system. As I find out what this thing can REALLY do, I’ll keep you guys updated!


~ by chadanthony07 on January 28, 2011.

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