The Terminator – Yours for only $1,629.46?

So, I’ve been plotting a super high-end desktop for a little over a year now, and it looks like it’s finally about to come to fruition. I’ve dubbed this creation “The Terminator” because…well, I’m afraid it might walk out of the house and start killing things. Here’s the parts list, just click for more details and pictures:

Case by AZZA
Power Supply by AZZA
MoBo by MSI
HDD by Seagate x2
Video Card by Sapphire (w/ free 8GB Flash Drive)
Card Reader by Rosewill
Six-Core Processor by AMD (w/ Darksiders game and $10 Gift Card)
Blu-Ray Burner by LG (w/ 3D Glasses and Cyberlink PowerDVD 9)

So basically, this thing’s already a beast, but can still be added to once my wallet recovers. Funny part is, I only overshot my budget by $142.46. What? I set my budget like $400 lower than what I could actually spend. Ah? Ah? That even includes the fact I have to pay NewEgg some sales tax! Likes? Dislikes?


~ by chadanthony07 on January 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Terminator – Yours for only $1,629.46?”

  1. So the specs look good… Specificsvon eachnitem would have been better, please post further explanation. Oh an AMD bad, Intel good!

    But, since we are infect comparing pp size, I just got the asus g37′.
    .i7 740qm quad core
    1033 fab
    6gigs ddr3
    640 HD
    17.3″ screen and in think there is an actual fellacio attachment here somewhere.

    Yours will be better, but we can probably star gaming due to my pcbhaving some balls now 🙂

    What size screen(s) are gonna be running on this behemoth ? Oh and 7 or Linux ?

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