Daily Do’s – Modern Warfare 2 Connection Solution

Welcome back, my friends!

Today, I’ll be going over an issue that hasn’t really been adequately addressed across several forums: Connecting to a public match on Xbox Live for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

So the issue is this: I have a good internet connection, with good bandwidth. I’ve also got an open NAT. However, I was still having extremely long wait times to find an Xbox Live game for MW2.

The issue, it turns out, lay within my router settings. Something about my router’s settings didn’t like my Xbox 360 to find games very quickly.

So, for anyone else having these issues, here’s how I solved the problem.

  • Manually set your Xbox 360’s IP Address

To do this, press the Xbox button, then go to the Settings blade and select System Settings, then select Network Settings and Configure Network. This will bring up the Basic Settings with IP and DNS settings.

Write down the Subnet Mask, Gateway, and Primary DNS Server information you see here.

Now, in IP Settings, you’ll need to set your IP Address to something that is in the range of IP’s that your router uses (For example, if your router issues IP’s starting with, then you’ll use something like Write down the address you select.

Ok, after that, input the Subnet Mask and Gateway you wrote down earlier. Save these settings.

Down in DNS Settings, set this to Manual and then input the Primary DNS Server you wrote down earlier. Your Xbox 360 now has a Static IP Address.

Make sure to remember the Static IP for the next step.

  • Place your Xbox 360 into your router’s DMZ (De-Militarized Zone)

For this step, you’ll need to access your router’s configuration page. To do this, open your web browser and type in the Gateway you wrote down earlier in the address bar. This will prompt you for a username and password before accessing the settings.

Unfortunately, I can’t really guide you from here, as all routers are different. What you’re looking for is something along the lines of the Port Forwarding section of settings, and somewhere in there should be the DMZ controls. Place your Xbox 360’s static IP into this DMZ, and save the settings.

After this is done and the settings are all saved, power off your Xbox 360, router, and modem. After about 15 seconds, power the modem and router back up, wait an additional 30 seconds, then turn on your 360 and try to find a game.

Notice at the top how it’s now finding more than 3 or 4 games at a time? You’ve now got a truly open NAT, and connections should be much easier for MW2 and other games!

Did this guide help you? Sound off in the comments! Or even better, sound off on my Facebook fan page! You can also direct message me on Twitter!


~ by chadanthony07 on March 7, 2010.

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