The New Hotness – Hyping Up for Final Fantasy XIII

Ok, before I say anything, check out this video…

Sexy, right? Yeah, I thought so. What you just watched was actual gameplay on the PS3 version of FFXIII. In particular, the battle between Snow and the Shiva sisters (yes, that’s right, sisters) for Snow to acquire them as his Eidolon (the name Square has apparantly defaulted to for summons now; see Final Fantasy IV – The After Years).

Now, I’ve been an avid Final Fantasy Fanatic for many years now. I started with FFIV when it came out on the SNES as Final Fantasy II in the US. I got my hands on FFVI (aka FFIII in the US) a few years later, and became incurably addicted once I got my hands on FFVII. I have to say, the last couple of games have somewhat disappointed me, but now this… THIS is true RPG gaming.

For those who don’t know, Final Fantasy XIII releases in the US this Tuesday, March 9th, 2010. Honestly, it’s about damn time; but all jabs at delays aside, I can’t wait. I’ve already got my Preorder down, and have planned my schedule as follows until further notice:

  • Go to class
  • Do homework
  • Attend weekly Magic: the Gathering tournaments
  • Play FFXIII till my eyes rot
  • For those who haven’t played a FF title before, don’t fret. The developers at Square-Enix promise this to be fresh for both newbies and vets alike.

    If you’re like me and psyched about this game, sound off in the comments! Or better yet, come discuss it with me on Facebook! You can also Direct Message me on Twitter!

    Here’s a few more videos to whet your appetite for some Lightning 🙂
    Boss Battle
    Video revealing the release date with game footage
    Firaga on the Rocks…Make it a Double


    ~ by chadanthony07 on March 4, 2010.

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