The PS3 Neo-Y2K Bug…Fixed Itself?

Ok, so now that it is officially March 2nd, the bug I posted about here has apparantly fixed itself.

So what happened? Well it was simple… this year wasn’t a leap year.

The bug originated when players tried to log into the Playstation Network (PSN) and caused some weird stuff with Trophies and the system clock. The bug was in the way the clock worked. It wanted there to be a February 29th…which didn’t exist this year. So when the date officially became March 2nd, the bug simply fixed itself.

So for those who are hoping that Geohot’s Hack develops and doesn’t want to do a FW update to get around the bug, just let your system be. It’ll just act weird on March 1st I suppose. 😛

Also, for anyone who may have ran into the bug, don’t worry: No one has reported losing any trophies or save games due to the bug.

Back on the note of Geohot’s Hack though…I’m wondering if anyone has developed anything with it? Sound off in the comments or on Facebook if you’ve developed anything! I’ll blog about it with full credits to help get it out there! 🙂


~ by chadanthony07 on March 2, 2010.

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