Just in Case – Modding the Wii (all-in-one) Part 1

Welcome back viewers! Been a while since you’ve seen new stuff here eh? I’ve been busy with non-technophile things (GASP!! :O) but I’ve been working on a friend’s Wii trying to get it softmodded.

Normally I would’ve just done the same things I did to mine. But unfortunately his was an LU64+ console, whereas mine was one of the originals. Thus, a few things had to be done different.

So, as I was googling my way around the net, I couldn’t help but be irritated at how all the information was just randomly scattered in various forum posts, blogs, and other random pages, and it hadn’t all been collected together as of yet.

My goal is to remedy this situation by writing out a guide, step by step, on how to mod the Nintendo Wii….

Or, rather, it will be, once I get his Wii back from Nintendo. X.x

See, since things weren’t as tightly secured when I did mine, I managed to FUBAR my buddy’s console. It all went great, until I stubbed IOS60 x.x

Luckily, I can explain how to do the MAJORITY of the modding process, as I still have my notes. This will be a very abridged version, and I won’t offer any downloads yet, but for the impatient ones I’ll list the steps. If all you care about is playing your (legal) game backups, and not worrying about playing Wiiware or Virtual Console titles off your SD card, then this will get you there.

First of all, the console I was modding was using System Menu 4.0u, which is why stubbing IOS60 messed the system up. For 4.2, IOS70 is the one you need to be careful with.

Also, I will be explaining how to use an external drive with the Wii, as this is much easier and less expensive than burning backup discs.

Equipment you’ll need:
The Wii
2GB SD Card
External USB Hard Drive (At least 250 GB)
Gamecube Controller (or the equivalent that was made for the wii)

Step 1 – Setup your network connection. Most of the programs you’ll be using have a network install option, which is MUCH more safe than a WAD installation. If you don’t have a wireless connection…why are you trying to do this, anyways?

Step 2 – Use the Bannerbomb exploit to install BootMii and The Homebrew Channel.

Step 3 – Create a NAND backup using BootMii

Step 4 – Use the Trucha Bug Restorer to downgrade IOS15, Patch IOS36, then restore IOS15

Step 5 – Install Preloader v0.29. The reason for this is that it correctly patches your System Menu’s IOS so that it can properly load into it.

Step 6 – Install Preloader v0.30. This one fixes many of the issues that v.29 had, and also gives us a white background 🙂

Step 7 – Install cios36-rev16 (using IOS36, network install)

Step 8 – Install USB Loader GX (the channel/forwarder may or may not work for you)

Step 9 – Plug your HDD in, and open USB Loader GX. It will probably ask you to format. Do this.

Step 10 – Manage your disc backups either in USB Loader GX, or with WBFS Manager.

At this point, the only thing you CAN’T do is run DLC (or custom injected WADs) from the SD card that wasn’t downloaded from the Shop Channel. That was the irritating point to me, that I couldn’t run custom injected wads from the SD card, and couldn’t copy them back if you moved them to the SD card.

My attempt to fix this is what messed up the system. Apparantly you have to apply some sort of fix to the system menu’s IOSes. However, when I ran a patcher program to fix this, the HBC got flipped upside down and mirrored. Following their instructions to fix this problem is how I managed to download the stub IOS60 and render the system bricked.

Therefore, I guess I’ll ship it off and get a new one. Once I get the system fully modded, I’ll post a detailed guide. I think I’ll upgrade to 4.2 first though. I’ll probably zip up everything I used as well and Seed a torrent, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Cheers! 🙂


~ by chadanthony07 on January 14, 2010.

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