LG enV Touch – Verizon’s folly?

Today’s post contains two things: How to get FREE apps such as VZ Navigator, and some general news about the homebrew scene. For the homebrew news, use CTRL-F and search for DEV207.

Ok, so by now most people have at least heard of VZ Navigator, right?

VZ Navigator is a GPS service/program that runs on your Verizon cell phone, giving directions to anywhere you need to go.

Of course it has its faults: Not all areas can be accurately detected by any GPS system (some less than others). However, for a small town guy like me, it can be really handy in bigger cities when I go on a trip.

Well, about three weeks ago during a late night browsing session, I came across a possible flaw in Verizon’s financial fortress here. Normally VZ Navigator would cost a monthly subscripton of $9.99. However, by devoting a little computing power with BitPim, it was apparently possible to gain VZ Navigator for FREE.

Before I proceed further, I’m morally obliged to offer this disclaimer: In no way, shape, or form do I endorse the act of piracy. It is both unlawful, and an insult to software programmers worldwide. In stealing any sort of software, be it VZ Navigator, a game, or even an OS, you are taking money away from good ole’ Tom the Intern who effectively pays his employer for the privilege of getting some experience on his resume. This information is offered exclusively for informational purposes. Personally, I tried this simply to see if it would actually work, and have since deleted the program from my phone. Also, it is highly possible to brick your phone if you do this wrong. I take no responsibility for damaged units.

First off, with your phone unplugged from your PC, download VZ Navigator. NOTE: This potentially works for any app, such as GPS Golf or MobileWiki.

Ok, so the next thing is to get BitPim (version 1.0.6 or later – Thanks Sir Thomas Fool!) to recognize your phone. When you first connect it and run BitPim, it’ll call it “Other CDMA Phone on Com ##”. What you must now do is go into your Edit -> Settings and change this to “VX10000 – Voyager”. This will not allow you to edit your contacts, however it WILL allow you to view the filesystem. Once you expand the filesystem, you should see a folder called “brew” (no quotes). With the VZ Navigator installed, right-click this folder and click “Backup entire tree”. “Backup directory” will NOT work. This will save the entire contents of the brew folder in a zip file to wherever you choose. Remember where this file is. This process may take around 15 to 30 minutes.

Once the folder is backed up, disconnect your phone, then go back in and cancel your subscription. This will remove the app from your phone. To check it is gone, try running it. It should play a video rather than run the application. You MUST do this within two hours of downloading the application.

Reconnect your phone, then open the filesystem in BitPim once more as explained above. Find your brew folder again, then right-click it and select Restore. Browse to the Zip file from earlier and select it. This will restore the contents of the zip file back to your phone.

Once this is done, Power-cycle your phone by powering it off then back on. Try to run VZ Navigator again. The application should run, and will likely ask to update again. This is normal, so allow it to update. Congratulations, you now have unlimited access to VZ Navigator without the need to pay Verizon ten dollars a month. Your mother would be so proud.

Now on to a different note.

miketr commented on an earlier post of mine, as well as on the forums at envtouch.org that he was interested in developing free apps for the env touch. I’ve since sent an e-mail along with a reply on the thread at envtouch.org so hopefully we can get into full swing. According to him, he has 20+ years of coding experience, as well as several years developing for phones.

That’s one!

Again, I ask, anyone who would like to develop homebrew for this phone, please comment here, as well as follow me on twitter. As an avid tech lover, I’d greatly enjoy any developing for this phone.

That’s all for now, later days!


~ by chadanthony07 on August 3, 2009.

22 Responses to “LG enV Touch – Verizon’s folly?”

  1. I have little coding experience but i would learn so i can code for this phone.

  2. Great site, I now have you bookmarked to come back again.

  3. So you have to pay the $10 subscription fee to download it correct? Is this payment refunded if you cancel the subscription right away? I can’t wait to try this out, thank you so much!

    • They’ll try to still charge you the $10 since you did download it. However, it’s pretty easy to talk your way out of it, just be aggressive. Note I didn’t say rude, however.

  4. don’t expect a full refund because it depends on who you get and how polite you are. my son has managed to download “city id” which costs a whopping $34.99 and i talked to 2 people who put me on hold for 10 minutes before the line got “disconnected” before i reached a women who was understanding and gave me a full refund. but the other 2 people only offered 1/2. definitely if you’re nice and explain it was a freak accident they will refund it. even offer to delete it right then and there (which of course you wouldn’t do anyway but still…) they are gonna be a lot more generous if you really prove you didn’t mean to download it.

  5. if worse comes to worse, you’ll only pay for the first month, and continue to have it for free after that.

  6. hey i like the explanation but i have little problem cause when i downlead the bitpim nd i was trying to install it i cudnt do it…it keep saying tht (dis file does not have valid digit signature tht varify it. u sud only run softwayr from publisher u trust) if any one noe the solution for dis problem then lemme noe…nd i wud like to noe how do i download the verizon navigator…cause he said tht first download tht ….lemme noe bout dis stuff plz…thanks every one

    • First off, an English Translation:

      Hey, I like the explanation but I have a little problem. When I download the Bitpim program and try to install it, it gave me the message “This file does not have a valid digital signature. You should only run Software from publishers that you trust”. What does this mean? Also, how do I download Verizon Navigator? Thanks for any responses.

      Ok, so to answer your first question: Just tell it it’s ok to install. This is just Windows trying to annoy you.

      As for the second question, you’ll need to go to Media Center -> Browse and Download. VZ Navigator should be in this menu. You MIGHT have to pay the subscription the first month, but after that they shouldn’t charge you anymore.

  7. would this process work on an lg chocolate touch with vcast rhapsody of whatever the music program is?

    • It’s very possible. It depends on whether the Bitpim team has access to the phone so they can add it to Bitpim. Try checking their site and forums. Let me know if it works! Leave a comment on my Facebook Fan Page with anything you find out. 🙂

  8. hey thanks man i figured out…i was missing .dll nd i download tht it fix the problem nd i can use bitpim now….i have one more question tht how can i download verizon navigator?…if i make it work on my phone do u think ill get any kind of charge useing dis vz navigator… nd if it is then how much they charge,,, cause i have nation wide…not unlimited minutes but texting unlimited..i wud like noe asap thanks bro

    • VZ Navigator can be downloaded on your phone (Media Center -> Browse and Download) and the normal subscription charge is $10.00 per month. Once downloaded to your phone, just follow the steps to backup what’s on your phone, then go back to the apps on your phone and delete the app. Verizon will probably still try to charge you the first $10 but after that there will be no further charges.

      FYI You should have some sort of Data plan (such as their Nationwide Connect plans) or else the data that VZ Navigator transfers could become costly! Ask a Verizon employee for more information.

  9. is dis legal to do?..i talk to costumer service nd one of the server told me ttht they dont have dis anymore its expired last December…so it doesnt effect in dis time….is tht true bro?

  10. Don, could you please attempt a little better English? Your posts are somewhat difficult to read.

    VZ Navigator worked for me last Month, and is still on my download list in my media center menu.

    Are you talking about the Data plan? Just tell them you want to add unlimited data use to your phone. It should only be an extra $10 a month.

  11. wht kind of data do i need according to get vz navigator?…..or dont matter any kind data?

  12. Data plan for unlimited is 29.99. 25mb Data plan is 10 dollars a month. Does it use the internet/Data every time its open? or just when it just downloads the map?

    • Every time it’s open.

      For the enV Touch, the unlimited data is only $10.00 extra per month. If you have a Smartphone (such as my girlfriend’s new Blackberry Curve 2) then it costs $30.00 a month. I don’t really get that but that’s how it is.

      Look forward to some posts about the Blackberry she got, as I’ll be tinkering with it 🙂

  13. I have the 10 dollar plan.. its not unlimited.. Its 25mb.. the only unlimited plan they have is the 29.99. I just looked online at my account. Maybe the simple phone that doesn’t require data, because it doesn’t have the html browsing, the 10 dollar may be unlimited. But if you have a multimedia (such as a enV touch) and a smartphone, the 10 dollar plan has a limit of 25mb a month. But what I was wondering.. does it use the internet/data everytime its open or just when you first open it and it downloads the maps?


    • Unfortunately I don’t think so. You would have to be on Verizon’s network to get their apps.

  15. […] Do’s – EnV Touch VZ Navigator Hack works for anything. So back in this post I talked about the method of getting a Semi-Free (first month’s fee may still apply) VZ […]

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