Twofer One- Epic (System) Fail, and some enV Touch Goodness.

So, for the past two days I’ve been messing with my first custom built PC as well as trying to get Kubuntu (a Linux Distro) installed and operable. In the interim of systems updating and OSes (re)installing, I’ve also been messing with my enV Touch from Verizon Wireless a bit more. In today’s twofer, I’ll be explaining both sides of this story.

So in my last post, In the Interim – Kubuntu Finally Installing, I explained the hassles I had to go through to install the latest release of Kubuntu Linux, ver. 9.04 A.K.A. “Jaunty Jackalope”.

Well, the troubles didn’t stop there. The next time I returned to my PC after installation, I sat down intending to configure my hardware. I knew full well that it would take time as well as a fresh and open mindstate to get used to the way Linux did things… and boy, how right I was.

The majority of custom configuration from a GUI standpoint had to be done through a file called xorg.conf, which controlled the GUI used by all three main flavors of Ubuntu, X Window. Sure, there were some options similar to Windows in that you could change your wallpaper, etc. However, the support for other things, like setting your screen resolution, or setting up dual monitors, left a lot (repeat: a LOT) to be desired.

Not only that, but even the latest “stable” release, 9.04, was crashing consistently. It was appalling how, even when I was simply trying to change my wallpaper or download Mozilla Firefox, the system would have some sort of error and the program or setting I was in would just crash. I must’ve locked up KDE and had to cold-restart my system at least seven times in two hours. It was ridiculous. Needless to say, my PC now has Windows XP back on it, and I’m configuring my stuff over the next few days.

As for the enV Touch, I come to you today with a trick that I discovered through research on the net (yay Google!). Since the phone connects to the USB port, it is actually possible to use it to connect your PC or Laptop to the internet via what is called “Tethering”. This effectively causes your PC to use the phone as a dial-up modem (although I assure you the speeds are beyond dial-up).

Before I move further, there are three things I must make very clear. First off, this trick requires accessing your Program Menu on your phone and changing some settings. If you aren’t careful, this CAN mess your phone up. I take no responsibility for you bricking, semi-bricking, or in any other way damaging your enV Touch. Secondly, the use of Tethering on a Verizon phone without paying them for Modem usage is a direct violation of your Terms of Service agreement with Verizon Wireless, subject to penalties up to discontinued service and mainly more (charges for Modem use are approximately $15 a month). This is provided on an informational basis only. And lastly, unless you are on a Nationwide Connect plan, or some other plan which provides unlimited data usage, you may see a very large data charge on your cell bill, as Verizon will bill you at $1.99 USD per Megabyte transferred. So you see, it’s beneficial to be paying that extra $10 a month if you use this trick.

Ok, so now that my bases are covered, let’s begin. First off, the Laptop or PC in question needs to have the LG Modem Drivers for the enV Touch installed. These are found here.

Next, on your phone, you need to dial ##PROGRAM11000 (##776472611000) and enter 000000 for the service code. Next you want to go to Data -> MIP Setting -> NAI Setting -> MIP DUN NAI.

You should see something similar to (where the 5555555555 is your cell number). You want to remove the dun part of this, so it should then look like . Press OK to save these settings, then exit out of your program menu. Your phone may power itself off at this point. If it does, simply turn it back on.

Now that that is set, go ahead and connect your phone to your PC. Now on your phone, you’ll want to go to USB Auto Detection in your settings. Change this to Modem Mode. Save and exit. Back on your PC, you now need to create a new dial-up connection in your Network settings. The fields to fill in for this are as follows:

Phone Number: #777
Username: (where the fives are your phone number)
Password: verizon

Make sure you set your phone as the default modem for this connection. It should show as LGE CDMA USB Modem ## (COM#). Now, any time your phone is plugged into your laptop or pc, you have the option of internet access! Isn’t it sweet? Hurray for phone hacks!

Anyways, I’m going to meet an old friend from school for lunch. Later days!


~ by chadanthony07 on July 17, 2009.

6 Responses to “Twofer One- Epic (System) Fail, and some enV Touch Goodness.”

  1. In order to use the phone normally (use mobile web, download apps, call, text) do you need to put the dun. back into place?

  2. just purchased an env touch myself; i grabbed the unlimited data/email/text plan.

    time to give my linux netbook the hookup, and get internet anywhere i want :P.

    btw, i love your blog.

  3. Tried to dial the ##program1100 …. got a tone that said call could not be completed. What am I doing wrong?

    • the number is ##PROGRAM11000 (did you forget the third zero?) and make sure you dial all zeros for the service code as well.

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