.ASF = Bad Burn

So, I’ve been trying to burn the music video of Scream by Michael Jackson ft. Janet Jackson. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the most fun experience.

Nero = Fail
Windows DVD Maker = Fail
ImgBrn = Successful (NOT!)
AVS Video Converter 6 = Success (NOT!)

Surprisingly, it was Windows DVD Maker that told me what was wrong. Apparently my video file, a .ASF extension, isn’t indexed. After some googling, turns out that non-indexed video files can’t be read by DVD players. Sad panda 8-(

So I went back and am getting a brand new copy of the video file (this time in MPG format). Hopefully this will work and let me stop making coasters out of my DVDs.


~ by chadanthony07 on July 14, 2009.

One Response to “.ASF = Bad Burn”

  1. Good point! Thanks!

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