Mobile Web 2.0 – Lots to be Desired

So right now I’m posting from my enV Touch’s full HTML browser. I’m sitting at a family reunion that hasn’t really started yet. This place is damn near empty and really boring. Thank god for mobile web! Not that I can do a lot. This browser leaves a lot to be desired. While it supports enogh Javascript and Flassh to stream video from YouTube and to post to Twitter, we still can’t get free TV via Hulu nor can we download ringtones instantly via PhoneZoo.

Speaking of Twitter, using it’s mobile website isn’t the greatest thing in the world. You can’t reply to people unless you can spell their username. It’s quite annoying, trust me.

Hopefully we’ll get some apps for this thing soon.

Well, people are showing up at this here reunion. Guess I’ll stop there. Later!


~ by chadanthony07 on July 11, 2009.

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